Miroslaw Kutylowski - Professor of Computer Science at Wroclaw University of Technology Research
research interests
ESCAPE project

Research interests:

Current research work:
+ algorithms for ad hoc networks
+ anonymous communication, security and cryptography,
+some keywords:
provable anonymity, mix, onion, electronic voting, re-encryption,
fault attacks, RFID,
initialization, single hop network, adversary immune algorithm
Other research interests:
+ theory of parallel and distributed computations
+ mobile computing
+ communiaction complexity
+ automata theory
+ law on computer systems

ESCAPE Project (NCBiR, PL-TW/VII/5/2020)

The goal of the project is to develop tools for code evaluation in the context of side channel attacks on cryptographic schemes. The project utilizes the attacks available from the literature as well as weaknesses detected. The core idea is to

+ evaluate real impact of known attacks (certain of them turn out to be non-working in practice),
+ transfer ideas into really working diagnosis tools.

The project in cooperation with Myrelabs and Taiwanese partners (Academia Sinica and Chelpis Co.). The people involved on the side of our university are: dr Marcin Zawada and Prof. Mirosław Kutyłowski

For more details see the webpage of the project