Miroslaw Kutylowski - Professor of Computer Science at Wroclaw University of Technology General Information

Miroslaw Kutylowski

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Major areas of interest:

+ privacy protection
+ pragmatic cryptography
+ algorithms for parallel, distributed and ad hoc systems
+ e-law

Short CV:

+ I was born in Wroclaw.
+ I have received Master degree in mathematics (foundations of mathematics) in 1980, Ph.D. (recursion theory) in 1985, Habilitation (automata and computational complexity) in 1992 from University of Wroclaw. Status of professor (given by Polish President) in 1999.
+ For many years, I was with University of Wroclaw, Computer Science Institute , I was leading Algorithms and Complexity Research Group .
+ I have spent some time at TH Darmstadt as a research fellow of Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung.
+ I have spent many years in Heinz Nixdorf Institute and Department of Math. and Computer Science University of Paderborn.
+ Since 1999 I have some ties with Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Adam Mickiewicz University
+ Since 2000 I am full professor in computer science in Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University of Wroclaw leading a security group which I have founded there
+ in 2012 I have been elected to Centralna Komisja ds Stopni i Tutulow, computer science
+ since 2023, I serve as Head of Cryptology Department at NASK - National Research Institute in Warsaw


+ Laureate of the MISTRZ Programme, technical sciences, Foundation for Polish Science 2009
+ IBM Faculty Award 2012
+ PIIT Award 2014 (award of Polish Chamber of of Information Technology and Telecommunications)
+ I have been awarded the rank of Hua Shan Professor at Xidian University